Hello ladies and gentleman. During the period 1928 and 1941, it was one of the most enormous change in the Soviet Union. I implemented the five year plans, collectivization, and there was also a wave of terror that was overwhelming through the nation. These policies are all associated around me, therefore, historians today refer to them as “Stalinism.” My policies brought about a fundamental change in the Soviet Union, and this is known as the “Stalin’s Revolution.”

The five year plan that I introduce involved an extension of state control over all aspects of the economy as the country pushed forward with large-scale industrialization. It was accompanied by urbanization and both needed to be supported by greater food production. I decided to link the industrialization program with the policy of collectivization in agriculture, aiming to increase food production but also strengthen the revolution by ridding the country of those seen as class enemies. The economic policies was to turn our nation into a modern industrial country, that is able to withstand an attack by capitalist powers.

However, the result of my economic policies was a mix. The industrial base strengthened but not all sections of it flourished. Both my policies led to criticisms of my policies and opposition developed both inside and outside the party. The Soviet Union became a state under siege desperate to defend itself not only from enemy outside, but also within. IN the 1930s the enemy within was identified and dealt with a series of purges- The Great Terror. Enemies was tried and executed, some of their names include – Zinoviev, Kamenev, and Bukharin. The use of terror cause economic changes, by 1941 I was established as the head of the communist government. The Soviet Union made advance towards becoming a world industrial power, but it was achieved by a great cost of human lives.